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A Special Service Area (SSA) is a great way to help a business like yours. Below are some great facts about SSA.


Fact #1:  SSA #50 is powered by the Southeast Chicago Chamber of Commerce. The Southeast Chicago Chamber provides resources that enhance economic stability and creates an empowered business district to positively enhance the business climate.

Fact#2:  A SSA is a public and private partnership that is funded by property taxes to support specialized services such as snow removal, litter abatement, landscaping, façade enhancement, marketing for local businesses, and hosting special community events.

Fact#3:  SSA #50 provides litter-free sidewalks, increased landscaping and improved signage for the business district. It benefits business by creating a well-maintained business district, thus enhancing property values and reducing local vacancies in the business district.

Fact #4:  SSA #50 is governed by a Commission composed of community members and business owners. The Commission monitors programs for the SSA, and recommends annual services and budgets.

Fact #5:  SSA #50 is a major proponent in creating a sense of community. It believes in offering resources to business owners and community members that maximize their return on investments. These resources keep the community linked to a network of information.

Fact #6:  SSA #50 supports the business district and encourages people to stop and shop. It has spearheaded numerous initiatives to keep money in the community.  SSA #50’s priceless and ongoing campaign expresses the importance of shopping where you live and the value of the dollar in a community.

Fact #7:  SSA #50 represents the Calumet Heights-Avalon Park area. The boundaries include East 79th Street from Greenwood Avenue to Paxton Avenue, East 87th Street from Dobson Avenue to Chappell Avenue, and South Stony Island Avenue from 79th Street to 94th Street.


The first 2017 SSA #50 Commission meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 12th – 12 noon at Southlawn United Methodist Church. The church is located at 8605 South Craggier Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60617.

Consecutive meeting dates: June 14th, August 9th and October 11th.