Checkout Bag Tax2017!

“A funny thing happened when the Chicago City Council tried to keep plastic grocery bags out of landfills by banning them. The bags didn’t go away — they just got thicker” (Chicago Tribune Editorial Board 2/3/17 11:42 A.M.)

Southeast Chicago Chamber loves Mother Earth so much that we helped out the cause by donating reusable grocery bags to one of our Partners— Pete’s Produce Stony @ 87th Street.

As anyone, we weren’t fans of the ban, but we are environmentally conscious citizens.  To avoid the imposed 7-cent tax on disposable bags (paper or plastic) supplied by retailers— BYOB  (Bring Your Own Bag!)

Reusable bags are not pricey— they’re a hot promotional giveaway item. Make it easy on yourself and keep a stash in your car. But remember to take the bags into the store with you! It’s a minor lifestyle change that can make a major change. It is cleaner and makes Chicago greener.

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