Calumet Heights is a middle class neighborhood located on the south side of Chicago. This is one area of the city where the vast majority of the homes are owner-occupied, meaning those who move here tend to stay. The Calumet River is nearby, and even Lake Michigan is fairly close. WHAT YOU’LL SEE: Calumet Heights is a mixture of professionals, white-collar workers, and retirees. Due to the newer real estate and the community vibe, more singles and retirees have moved into Calumet Heights recently. ON A PERFECT DAY: The outdoor areas of Jessie Owens Park are open for everyone to enjoy. The less populated areas of Lake Michigan are only a short ride away. This is a dog-friendly neighborhood so head out for a stroll with your four-legged family member. FOR FOODIES: When it comes to eating, there is something for everyone in Calumet Heights. You will find vegetarian, soul food, Chicago classics, and traditional American restaurants. Most places offer food that is high quality yet affordable. WHAT THE LOCALS LOVE: Community feel, lush greenery throughout the neighborhood, and parking that’s easy compared to most Chicago neighborhoods.

Key Facts:
Total Calumet Heights population: 148,623
Median family income: $54,701
Average household income: $50,713

Avalon Park is also a south side neighborhood that has undergone rapid change over the past few decades. The neighborhood is known for its green space and steady population as areas around it have drastically changed. Despite the population staying the same, the people living here have not, allowing for a good blend of culture and influences. Avalon Park offers a mix of single-family homes and apartments for all types of residents. Until recently, the homeowners rate had remained high in the neighborhood; now it is mostly renters utilizing the area’s low cost of living. New initiatives by real estate moguls are helping to turn the neighborhood atmosphere around with new developments in vital areas. WHAT YOU’LL SEE: Most restaurants are located closer to Stony Island Avenue and 87th Street, where you’ll find lunch and dinner varieties. Barbeque is a favorite, but you’ll find southern cuisine, too! ON A PERFECT EVENING: Avalon Park has mostly clubs for those looking for a night of mingling, dancing and drinking. Otherwise, you can sit and watch the stars in one of a few parks in the community.

Key Facts:
Total Avalon Park population: 63,922
Median family income: $52,745
Average household income: $47,684

The Southeast Chicago Chamber serves both the Avalon Park and Calumet Heights neighborhoods. Our community is family-oriented and rooted in a long history of business ownership. The Chamber and SSA #50 encourage stability and development within the business district and community by promoting business improvement programs, economic development initiatives, safety programs and a clean environment.

In working together, we increase awareness amongst business owners by distributing newsletters with updated news and facts. We alert business owners of grant information provided through the government and assist with the application process. We continue to improve community safety by adding roving security patrol who deter unwanted behavior of potential perpetrators. And because we care about where we work and live, this partnership is responsible for removing of over 3000 bags of trash from the business district to support a clean and healthy environment for residents to stop and shop. Our activities reflect our mission to foster and promote investment in the community. By creating and implementing programs that promote long-term economic viability, we help to enhance the delivery of services to our residents and hopefully attract more traffic to the business district. We value our owners and welcome new ones. We encourage all of our owners to take the initiative in solving issues that may arise. However, it is important to know that the Chamber is always available, and the City provides great resources to support building your dreams. Below is a list of our governing contacts. If you need anything further, please feel free to contact us.

Office: 121 N. LaSalle St. 8th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312-744-6249
TTY: 312-744-1944


7th Ward Office: 2459 E. 75th Street
Chicago, IL 60649
Phone: 773.731.7777
City Hall Office: City Hall, Room 200
Chicago, Illinois 60602
City Hall Phone: 312.744.6833

8th Ward Office: 8539 South Cottage Grove Ave.
Chicago, IL 60619
Phone: 773-874-3300
City Hall Office:

121 North LaSalle
Room 200
Chicago, IL 60602

City Hall Phone: Phone: 312-744-3075
Fax: 312-744-5007

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