Foodie Fundraiser 2019
It’s An XSite—an urban pop experience

THEME:                    Tribal Chocolate

DATE:                        Friday, September 20 from 6p.m. to 10 p.m.

VENUE:                     The Woodlawn, 1200 East 79th Street, Chicago 60619

RESTAURATEUR:  FRIISTYLE, 5059 S Prairie Ave, Chicago, IL 60615

For Immediate Release and Listing

Chicago, IL​  |  The ​Southeast Chicago Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) is dedicated to not only  changing the perception of its Southside Chicago community, but establishing Calumet  Heights-Avalon as a cultural destination, using its neighborhood gems to attract interest and investment to the community. 

This year programming has been no exception: they recently commissioned a pair of murals by famed Chicago street artists Max Sansing and Kayla May, paired with local powerhouse AB Productions to feed their community and host a free block party with an artist meet and greet.   

Next month, Rhythm & Hues (SEPTEMBER 20, 2019) opens the fall season with the theme ​Tribal Chocolate​. This is SCCC’s second annual “Foodie Fundraiser,” and offers a curated mix of cuisine and artistry from local talent, stimulating your senses with an immersive atmosphere decorated with chocolate undertones.  

The fundraiser takes place at The Woodlawn on 79th Street in Avalon. Owned and operated by Donnell Digby, The Woodlawn is Chicago’s first licensed popup venue, and the perfect backdrop for the Tribal Chocolate theme. Chefs will showcase their culinary creations to the community, as the walls of The Woodlawn serve as a gallery for artists to display their skill. Proceeds from the event will fund future art projects in the community.   

The event’s featured restauranteur is Corey Gilkey, from the new and upcoming restaurant, Friistyle Chicago. Gilkey, along with his top chefs, will craft a variety of tasty and visually appealing creations from the humble potato. Prepare to be amazed as they create three tantalizing variations of spuds, exclusively for this special event. Spoiler Alert: Friistyle will soon be opening doors at a new location on east 87th Street in Calumet Heights very soon! 

About SCCC:​ Southeast Chicago Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to programming for small businesses and supports the dreams of entrepreneurs. This Chamber offers unending services to its business district, serves as host to many site-specific events within the boundaries of Special Service Area #50, and looks for every opportunity to showcase its business partners.  Calumet Heights-Avalon Park is full of great potential and opportunities are opening in this area for business owners to pursue their passions.   

For more information about Rhythm & Hues, SSA #50, and retail space in the area, contact Frankye A. Payne, Executive Director or Danielle Johnson, Program Manager ofc: 773.734.0626  fax: 773.734.0649 

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