So What Is An SSA Anyway?

Special Service Areas are financed by localized taxes to assist and support commercial corridors defined by the City of Chicago. We’re here to be your contact with the City, your resource center and your biggest cheerleader.

Year-Round Services

Litter clean-up, private security, landscaping, marketing, public art and public events.

Specialized Help

Business licenses, facade grants, community development initiatives, your liaison to city officials.


Leader in Public Art and Placemaking to flip the script on the South Side and increase commercial traffic.

Lead by Local Businesses

A commission of local business owners and community stakeholders govern the operations of the SSA.

Our Service Area

Special Service Area #50 is governed by a group of volunteer commissioners from the area. The commissioner meetings for 2022 will take place on the following Tuesdays at 10:30 am: March 15th, April 19th, July 19th and September 20th.

If you have any questions about the meetings, please contact