Meet the Southeast Chicago Development Corporation, culture is power .

Public Art is more than Placemaking

Public Art builds community. Public Art builds pride. Public Art creates a destination for people to meet, interact learn and grow. All of these things happen during planning, preparation, creation, celebration and cultivation. We’re always working on something with amazing partners who become family.

So what exactly does this non-profit do anyways? 

The sky is really the limit for the SE Chicago Dev Corp. It is not bound by the geographic limits or financial constraints of the Chamber or the SSA. This is where we make dreams come true in our neighborhoods and partner with groups all across Chicago to promote the South Side, help residents and do good deeds. If you want to get involved or partner on an idea, email or call us using the contact info at the bottom of the page. To support upcoming projects, please consider donating, 100% of funds go to the work and $0 go to overhead.

Culture is Power

Max Sansing put this phrase in his first mural in our area and we know it to be true. We love working with artists to reflect the people and values that we see everyday. Bringing color and joy to the streets of Chicago and preserving what is already there are core focuses of this organization.

Community Building

It’s not just about events and celebrations here in Calumet Heights and Avalon Park. We love to share resources and joy with neighbors in South Shore, Englewood, Roseland, Hyde Park, South Chicago and East Side to create a stronger, unified South Side.

Public Service

Working with other non-profits and community organizations to fill the needs of Chicago residents is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s clothing drives, voter registrations, food banking, back-to-school giveaways or just helping someone after a tragedy, SECDC is here for Chicagoans.

Investing in People

There are so many brilliant, talented, charismatic people who just need some mentorship. It is our honor to teach career and life skills through project-based work to neighbors from all walks of life. After the project, we work with partner organizations to get people into the workforce, full-time.

What have we been up to lately?

Well, if you thought that COVID would have put us into hibernation, nope, we’ve never been busier. This has been a period of growth, partnership, transformation and building relationships. We could not be more proud of what we’ve been up to or who we’ve worked with. Take a look”