Money doesn’t grow on trees, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t out there. We’re here to help you fund your business.

Funding Sources

There are options beyond a traditional bank loan. We’re proud to partner with the city to help you take advantage of tax credits, grants, low interest loans and rebate programs. Find what works best for you or make and appointment and we’ll talk it over together.

The NOF finances commercial and cultural projects in neighborhoods that lack private investment, using revenue generated from downtown development. This is a matching grant for new or established businesses.

SBIF promotes economic development by providing small businesses with financial assistance for building-improvement costs. SBIF grants use Local Tax Increment Financing to reimburse awardees for repair or rehab costs.

TIF is a special funding tool used by the City to promote public and private investment across the city. Funds are used for infrastructure, cleaning polluted land, and putting vacant properties back into productive use. Funds can only be used in TIF districts.

TIFWorks stimulates business success by funding workforce training costs for companies located in TIF districts. Eligible projects include new products line development, adapting to new technology, expanding into new markets, complying with regulations and promoting growth with increased profit.

City of Chicago

The Dept of Planning and Development makes City-owned real estate available for purchase and redevelopment through negotiated sales, requests for proposals, sealed bids, negotiated sale for open space or parking, and broker sales.

City of  Chicago

An allocation of Federal funding to support efforts to revitalize the West, South and Southwest sides. The fund will be used to finance manufacturing, mixed-use and institutional projects in low-income neighborhoods. NMTCs allow banks and other investors to receive credits against Federal income taxes in exchange for qualified equity investment in community development entities

City of Chicago

The City’s Small Business Advocacy division is maintaining a list of funding to help local businesses in this time of struggle. The funding listed includes grants, special loans, the PPE marketplace, expanded permitting, new online tools and resources from the private sector and non-profits.

Various Sources

The Dept of Planning and Development maintains and helps to administer numerous business assistance and financial incentive programs. Included amongst that is this comprehensive list of local, state and federal tax credits available to businesses across a wide array of geographic areas and business sectors.

City, State and Federal